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Although the 7.5-inch 10-bolt closely resembles the 8.5-inch housing, you can positively identify the Chevy7.5-inchrearend by measuring it. Well help you determine the correct flexplate for your Chevy engine in this buyers guide. 24-32 INCH pounds?? There were an untold number of 8.2-inch axle assemblies built, and although it is only marginally stronger than the 7.5-inch rearend, it does have some aftermarket support. I also like to put some oil on the seal surface of the yoke to avoid tearing the new pinion seal. Ring Gear Diameter: 8.500Cover Bolts: 10Ring Gear Bolts: 10Ax . Both axles use a third member that contains the differential, which is made up of the . Final torque on the pinion nut is necessary to compress the crush sleeve. DANA SPICER: .035. The small torque . When installing a new 8.5-inch 10-bolt rear differential, it is important to use the right pinion nut for your application. Products include ring and pinion sets, installation kits and axle shafts for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, and Toyota vehicles. 2008 Sprinter 2500 170 - camper van. Mikz86TA. . Pinion Nut Size: 1-1/4" Featured Products: GM 8.2"/8.5"/8.6" (Chevy) 10 Bolt / Aluminum Girdle Cover / TA Performance / TA_1807 . For the fastest service, call our Differential Parts Experts at (800) 510-0950 for immediate assistance. Ford 9 inch torque specs; Gear Ratio Calculator; Order Forms. Automotive Chassis Torque Specs. It has a black oxide finish that ensures corrosion resistance while its construction of hardened steel ensures durability even under extreme conditions. We show you how to keep that old GM transmission when swapping in an LS engine. Set the preload carefully (see "Set Up Specifications") so that the bearings will have a long life. Ring and Pinion Ratio Variations - An explanation of why some ring and pinion gear ratios vary. This technology is particularly advantageous in improving vehicle handling and traction under all types of driving conditions, from wet roadways to tight turns. For bearings that are already in use, set preload at 15 inch-pounds; if they are new bearings then you should aim for 25 inch-pounds when setting preload. .006" to .010" 120 ft-lbs. On the other hand, if there is too much backlash then this will also lead to excessive mechanical wear due to increased friction and noise as the teeth continually rub against each other. 8-10 ft lbs: None: None: GM 12 Bolt Car: Torque: Lubricant: Thread Locker: Main Caps: OEM Housing: . But, did you know there is more than one style of 10-bolt rearend? Increasing the size of the pinion or decreasing the size of spur gear will result in increased top speed for your vehicle; however this will come at cost to acceleration and increase temperatures from increased load. The PYN10 pinion nut has been specifically designed to fit 30 spline pinions and provide a secure fit and lasting performance. TORQUE-TENSION REFERENCE GUIDE Printed in U.S.A. Supply Part Number: 9702365 AS 06/14 Torque Poster . big gear head. This high quality product ensures that your vehicle's rear axle assembly will remain securely fastened and properly aligned during operation, giving you peace of mind when driving on the roads or tracks. 8 to 11 in-lbs. Learn more about GM steering column identification, GM steering column lengths, and GM steering column compatibility. Differential Locker Comparison - A detailed comparison of popular differentials and lockers. Maintaining your car's paint finish is essential to keep it looking great. The distance between thebottom center bolt in the cover and its adjacent bolts is 3 1/4 inches. With its superior strength and durability, you can count on your PYN10 pinion nut to remain securely in place for years of reliable service. So, in order to adjust the pinion bearing pre-load, shims of varying thicknesses are inserted into pre-load retainers. I have a 2001 2500 HD. This will ensure that your backlash is correct without having to swap the shims. The axle shafts are also held in place by four-bolt retainer plates at the outer bearing, not C-clips. These are two pinion gears for the 8.5-inch 10-bolt. Give us a try, we think you'll be glad you did! So, when adjusting preload, if it is too loose then the shims should be removed. FSM says 181-325 ft-lbs. Yukon Gear's Pinion Nut makes any job more efficient by ensuring your parts remain secure while providing superior protection from contaminants. This is also likely to reduce run times due to lower temperatures as theres less load being put on your vehicles engine when compared to running with a bigger pinion and smaller spur gear combination. Bearing Cap Torque (Foot Lbs.) Max Ellery's Land Cruiser Repair Manual 1969-1990 (FJ & RJ) Crawlpedia is an off-road encyclopedia featuring a complete list of proper ring and pinion gear set up torque and backlash specs. Step 2: Back off, then torque to 35 (lb-ft) for automatic hubs,or 50 (lb-ft) for manual hubs. The following table contains the proper specifications for all popular axles. Since it was so widely used, there is a better possibility of finding one of them at a salvage yard thanlocating a 12-bolt. Is a GM 10 bolt rear end good? Good luck finding one of these, however, as they are very popular among performance enthusiasts. Nov 18, 2016. It is estimated that this specific axle saw use on over 11 million vehicles during its reign of production making it one of the most popular axles ever created by GM for their consumer market line up. GM: .035. Loosen the right-side adjusting nut and tighten the left-side adjusting nut until the ring gear contacts the pinion without binding. grade 8. First I measured the old crush sleeve as a starting point. It is important to note that if possible, it is best practice to use an old or used pinion nut for this operation, as new ones can often bind when tightened too much. Carrier Cap Bolts. Most 8.2 factory covers also have the strangeprotrusionat the top. 2/3 drop, HP Tuned, Built 60e, 4.10s, Yukon Duragrip, etc. Some of the most popular GM vehicles have come with 10-bolt rear ends. Another way to tell the difference between an 8.2 and an 8.5 rearend is to pull the cover and look at the bolt holding the spider gear crosspin. The 10-bolt GM rear end has been used in many different applications since its introduction in 1968 and continues to be highly regarded as one of the toughest axles available today due to its proven durability and versatility over decades of use in a variety of situations requiring extreme performance requirements from street racing too off roading adventures. Sierra Gear & Axle parts are designed and engineered to the highest quality specifications for use in street, off-road and performance environments. Used bearings 10 to 14 inch pounds. It said you want this to be from 5-35. You can rest assured knowing that your axle is secured with this high quality product. Come join the discussion about Silverados, Sierras, and other full size trucks performance, modifications, suspension, lift kits, tires, maintenance, and more! Pinion Bearing Preload (New) (inch/lbs) Pinion Bearing Preload (Used) (inch/lbs) Backlash (.001 in) Ring Gear Bolt Torque (Foot lbs.) 7/16" x all lengths 60-65 ft lb. Save Share. Additionally, this nut features a thread pitch of 11/16 x 20 which allows for easy removal during maintenance periods or when replacing bearings or other components within your axle assembly. This ring and pinion install kit comes with new pinion bearings, carrier bearings, races, crush sleeve, pinion nut, pinion seal, a gasket and even has the gear marking grease included. SPEC Clutches: For That Next Engine Swap Or OEM, Shop Tour: Brian Tooley Racing Expands To Be A One-Stop, Moroso Anti-Roll Kit Is The Right Tool For The, Steer Your Classic Ride Straight With A New CPP Steering, NEW LS Bellhousing For Magnum And T56-Shifted Hot, Fenix Is A Next-Gen 69 Camaro With 1,180, A Brothers Quarrel Results In This Fine 1955 Chevy, Is This Barn Find The Worlds First Corvette? Speedway Motors employees enjoy not only helping our customers, but also turning some wrenches in their downtime as well. Furthermore, this action reflects positively on the company's overall commitment to providing reliable transportation services while ensuring its customers' safety remains paramount at all times. The tension between the bearings of a crush sleeve is a very important factor in its performance, as it helps to ensure that the bearing stays correctly set and does not move or become misaligned. You can replace the pinion seal without changing the crush sleeve. By manipulating these two components and their ratio to each other, you can achieve different levels of performance from your vehicle that may suit your individual needs better than stock settings would. Introduction. We'll send you the most interesting Chevy Hardcore articles, news, car features, and videos every week. As a result, this construction became one of the most popular axle assemblies on the market due to its durability and affordability. Sure, you know whats in there and what it does but are you willing to tear into it and rebuild the differential? PINION NUT GM 7.5 8.5. Step 1: To seat, torque nut to 50 (lb-ft) while spinning hub. You keep on tightening the pinion nut until you are within the in-lb. Low-end torque refers to the amount of power and force generated by an engine at low revolutions per minute (RPMs), usually between 2000 and 3000. Looking for a driveshaft for your 67-72 C10? By asking ourselves what makes us different than other companies, our answer is that we deliver the level of customer service that other companies only promise. . See all 36 photos. Inside, the ring-gear bolts are the same as the 8.5 corporate unit, but the pinion-shaft diameter measures 1.438 inches. Thick Gears and Carrier Breaks - Thick ring and pinion gears and differential carrier breaks explained. Oct 20, 2011. Our stock 10-bolt was plenty stout to withstand the torture of 165 hp from the ZedSled's stock 350 (yes, that was sarcasm), but we're looking down the barrel at 500 hp from our cammed-up 6.0 swap . In addition, if a crush sleeve is over-crushed during installation then it must be discarded and replaced with a new one as it will no longer be able to provide the necessary level of tension between the bearings for them to function properly. What happens if you have too much backlash in differential. 3.08 and numerically lower gears = 1.660-inch, 3.23 and numerically higher gears = 1.950- inch, 2.73 and numerically lower gears = 1.615-inch, 3.08 and numerically higher gears = 2.00-inch, 2.56 and numerically lower gears = 1.530-inch, 2.73 and numerically higher gears = 1.720-inch.

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