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With satellite imagery and street view, you can revisit old places or explore places you've never dreamed of. Home Blog Premade Steps For Mobile Homes | Know Your Options Before You Buy You won't find these pieces . Wooden mobile home steps. Most metal step sets can also be completely disassembled. If you purchased a used mobile home that needs to be moved to a new location or you simply need to move your current home, it is possible to do but it is not simple. 5 steps, to get you 40" above the ground. The following are some frequently used materials. If a junkyard isnt an option, try calling your local scrap metal facility as they may buy junk mobile homes. Here are a few final steps to help you choose. One solution is to use a material similar to, or the same material as, the skirting material on the sides of the steps or at least pick steps that match it. Step tread depth is 11-1/4". 2-1/4 in. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up In the event you dont have one locally, you could try a car junkyard orRV salvo. The average slope for home steps or stairs is around 35 degrees give or take. Aluminum Back Rails. Copyright 2021 Junkyards Near Me. CL. Since it is lightweight, it can also be easily shifted and carried. This is what I have learned from the mobile home salvage yards near me. Metal is always a safe and reliable option. for sale. The wooden floor frame and plumbing are also assembled together. If you find a newer mobile home at the salvage, then take everything you can, because it aint gonna last long. The average price of a used mobile home in Florida is around $47,853, but options can range far below or above this. WE CARRY EVERYTHING FOR A MOBILE HOME OR DOUBLEWIDE YOU WILL NEED FROM SETUP TO INTERIOR. You are welcome to visit the world's famous scenic spots. $700.00. Items in Cart: 0 Subtotal: $0.00 Checkout View Cart. Buying a used mobile home may be a good option if you are looking for the most affordable option. How to Move a Mobile Home & Whats the Cheapest Way? If you havent bought a mobile home just yet and youre already thinking about what you can do in the way of steps, you might not have to look any further than your manufacturer. You can start by looking at comments and photos shared by locals to make a more informed decision. Manufactured homes end up at the junkyard for a few different reasons. portalId: "19641151", 1. Thats because they have longer life spans. These are quite easy with the help of the right materials. 4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars (4) $192.99 $ 192. Mobile home steps are such a part. The cheapest and easiest DIY stairs to make would be wooden steps, with concrete being the hardest. 2 NEW Kitchen Sink Strainers Stoppers 3" Mobile home parts $24.99. mcallen. Entering into your home should be safe and sturdy. This is why in the case of mobile home steps too, it is quite a popular choice. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Maps helps you give users the context they need with static or interactive maps embedded into your site or app. Talk to Owners of Manufactured Homes in California. This is also the case if you want to have parking, but you are low on space. Like new steps for a mobile home. While not all the parts you will find will be great, the prices will be hard to beat. ), Mobile Home deck & steps - $400 (Ellsworth), Fiberglass Steps | Mobile Home Supplies! The biggest pro of course is heavily discounted prices. Second, you can find a variety of pieces for different makes and models. Wood stains easily and can suffer from rotting and insect infestations if not treated properly. Stabilizing & Leveling Material (Pads, Plates, Wood) Vinyl Siding/Skirting . Measures approx. A number of factors influence the choice of getting a set of mobile home steps. The drawback is quality. These housing units, especially old ones, have a limited shelf life which will vary depending on how you take care of it. Step Rise on the 28" is 6-7/8" (4 steps), 32" is 6-1/2" (5 steps), and 36" is 7-1/8 (5 steps). Click the image for larger image size and more details. 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Its a requirement for mobile homes to be placed in an elevated position in almost all states. 2. Metal rusts very easily. CUSTOMS STEPS MADE AT YOUR REQUEST. This makes them a long-lasting and reliable choice. .These are a nice set of Fiberglass Mobile Home Steps with an aluminum Side Rail. But not our only area of expertise. Know the cost of connecting to local services. Most steps require proper maintenance. It is also slip-resistant and easy to set up. If you are either looking to buy a mobile home, or you are a new owner, you probably already know that mobile homes are elevated and need steps for access. These highly specialized yards and they are few and far between. We carry doors, windows, plumbing parts, Miller and Inter-therm brand furnaces and accessories, and much more. You can choose side rails and easily assemble them. Building a set of steps for a mobile home typically costs between $100 and $400, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design. 919-771-2100;; Menu . Remodeling Mobile Homes. So, it is also reliable. Instead of putting steps directly at your exit doors, you could erect a porch/deck, sunroom or screen enclosure. You need to prepare the ground and measure to level the steps properly. Building steps would rate as one of the easier DIY home construction projects to take on. Narrow and steeper steps can be difficult for them to navigate. At, our stairs have a comfortable 12-inch depth, making them easy to traverse into your home. So you can get in and out of your home! The biggest problem with plastic is that they vary greatly in quality as well as that they can often appear very cheap. 2221 E. Highland Rd. The owner will be required to demolition/destroy the home and L&I will, as a courtesy, inspect to verify . DURAGRIP II TM FIBERGLASS STEPS. Now that the home is in place you can begin the blocking and tie-down process. Delivery and Setup. per square foot weight capacity. , etc. Visit our display center, tour our furnished model homes and view our extensive floor plans to complete your choice. Mobile Home Caravan Storage Box New Excellent, 10. People are still often surprised to hear it but you can use this opportunity to make some useful or just plain, yet inviting, additions to your mobile home. You have to maintain them to prevent this properly. Total Height to top of rails is approximately 81" - Been in storage - used only for a short timeMust pickup at location - very heavySerious inquiries: Call onlyNO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE, **PENDING**Mobile Home Steps w/ Porchesapprox 36-40" high, you can adjust them all with a little simple engineering of cut off to lower or block them up to raise.I have 2 sets of wood steps with porches, one set for $100., other bigger set for $175., or $200..for both, They may need sanded & repainted, but we're just removed from my home, & are not rotten.Will sell separately or $200. There should be a railing on both sides. Street View and high resolution satellite imagery . As the pictures show, they are in excellent shape. no favorites. You usually have one at each end of the steps/stairs. It is a sturdy, lightweight as well as attractive material. Highland, MI 48356. For example, concrete is very slip-resistant. Log in to your Google account and enjoy your own Google Maps. However, the tread is the actual outer material that your foot or shoe makes contact with. . Home Mobile Homes 5 Best Mobile Home Steps. manufactured homes, Pre Fab, Mobile Homes, Trailer Homes, Wind Zone 2. Of course, plastic is completely weather-proof and resistant to just about anything else mother nature can throw at it. Brand New. You should measure the rise, and then decide on the slope (around 30 degrees is good). Not needed anymore.$425 OBO. They actually serve a great purpose for recycling homes and helping owners getting rid of unwanted units. Bedrooms Bathrooms Color Gray White Serial, 12. The Home's Frame. The easiest way to add a stairwell is to add an enclosed porch to the front or back of the home and build steps inside the porch. They have great reviews and are reliable options. In Michigan, for example, mobile housing salvage yards are supposed to have a special license. They also usually come as a movable unit and can sometimes even be taken apart and put back together easily. Plumbing. all. Make your selection and if needed you can customize the floor plan to fit your needs. Your local building codes give you certain permissible standards for your mobile home in your area. Yes, you must provide a safe structure to walk down to the ground from every exterior door, the details of which are specified by the local building code where the home is installed. Shipping to: 23917. This is a good thing as wood is much more susceptible to water damage, rot, insects (like termites) or physical damage. In general, the standard height is 7 . When you enter the location of used mobile home steps for sale, we'll show you the best results with shortest distance, high score or maximum search volume. Detail View. Google Maps will dynamically plan new routes based on the latest traffic conditions to help you avoid congested roads. These are only some general codes. 6 Steps. They have been made with careful consideration of several factors. Metal steps for mobile homes are the next most popular material after wood. Contact any of our locations for info. SIGN-UP FOR THE MHPS NEWSLETTER! They will ensure your safety and see that you get the best for your mobile home. Wood also has the benefit of being relatively affordable and readily available. There are several guidelines you must follow. Read on to find out all you need to know to make the correct choice. The best part is all these junked parts are cheap and you can pull them yourself. Next, pour concrete into the frame to create a solid foundation. If you were buying this Set new it would be about $500.00We are located in Horton, AL in the upState near Albertville and Guntersville.Email us with questions or to set an appointment to come see or buy. Nevertheless, it can last for decades and is resilient, which makes many people choose it. they are 32" tall and 36" wide and includes a handrail. As mentioned, the riser height is instructed not to be more than 7 . This is a very nice set of steps with added hand rails. In 2020, Google Maps was used by over 1 billion people every month. Stylecrest. Zoning restrictions are just one inquiry to make. 6 steps, to get you 48" above the ground. Every set with 4 or more steps must have a handrail on each side. Some materials are more slip-resistant than others. 2x 3 and 2x6 supports thru out the base and stairs..This set of stairs is extremely high quality, sturdy and level. Help a new couple find the perfect home in your real estate app. The Graz is an interior use only staircase that comes with paddle steps for optimum functionality in tight spaces. 4. This is especially true for the runners, risers, nose, and slope but may also be true for the banisters components. Aside from the map above and looking for trailer home salvages near me, check classified ads or Yelp. Once you put them in place, you are banking on there not being any reason to move them soon. Corner Block Needed for Wood Step Side Approach. Wooden Steps / Stairs mobile home, spa, static caravan, cabin etc. They have quicker build times than site-built homes, too. Mobile home steps can be made of several different materials. Sometimes, this includes picking the specific steps or stairs that come with your home. You can get your rails separately from the available options. Exterior Anchors & TieDowns Doors & Windows Coatings & Sealants Appliance Tools & Hardware Interior Trim Vents & Registers Plumbing Electrical Transport & Safety Heating & Cooling. Concrete can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for bigger stairs. CL. Bear in mind, you will cover the cost of moving it their property, but the good news its gone. Contact a location near you for products or services. For example, you live somewhere where it rains or snows a lot. Read more. Wholesale mobile home steps are our business! Here are some common codes recommended for your stairs. (Reno), Fiberglass RV mobile Home Steps - $300 (Wirtz), Low Rise metal steps for rv or mobile home - $375 (Sierra Vista), 2 Set Of Mobile Home Steps - $800 (Plant City), Metal Steps for Mobile Home etc - $175 (Manitou Beach), Mobile Home Steps For Sale - $150 (Luverne), Mobile Home Stairs - 4 Steps - $150 (Horton), Mobile Home Steps For Sale - $175 (Brantley, AL), **PENDING**. This makes it easily navigable by aged people who also benefit from the textured, non-slip build. Find nearby used mobile home steps for sale. The interior for these fiberglass steps is made of a wooden frame. Located at 1921 Augusta Rd, West Columbia, SC 29169.If you are interested call, Metal landing steps for mobile home/ camper/ barn or garden area. Mobile Home Used Steps Sale Compare Prices Reviews. You have to consult with your local code to see permissible riser heights. formId: "6fa85e2b-5be4-4153-a1ad-0ead07f6af3a" Yes! These steps are essential to help you go in and out of your home efficiently and safely. The run is the horizontal length of each step, i.e. And, thats all you need to know when it comes to premade steps for mobile homes. 0. Our Price: $649.99. Concrete steps can crack and become unlevelled in the long run. For example, steep steps of plastic are particularly more dangerous compared to ones in cement. Locate the blue book. Mobile home owners with a bit more ground to cover will love this 3 step fiber glass set of stairs. You can either get a set of premade steps or even make them yourself! It is important that you ask the manufacturer about the warranty period. The results are light, as well as cheap. ABS Fittings . You should consider how to fit the steps in with the rest of your home. This includes making sure the ground is level, installing any electrical, gas, water and sewer lines that may be needed. These Steps, built by Amish Craftsmen, are made of pressure treated wood. ACCOUNT. Much of what you will find in these yards will be units, but if you need parts for an old home, its perfect. [Know your Options], Mobile Home Depreciation: Do they? WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR THE ASSEMBLY OF THE STEPS OR THE FINAL COAT OF PAINT WHICH MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE DEALER OR SERVICE MAN. Enter ZIP code or city, state as well. On the 36" wide step the tread is 11-1/2" wide. Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . This makes it easily navigable by aged people who also benefit from the textured, non-slip build. These folks likely know exactly how and where to salvage a unit. Mobile home steps are readily available and suited to every need! You may also want to try finding a lumber salvage who can take any of the reclaimed timber from you. Also, for households with the elderly and children, it can be quite dangerous. Manufactured Home Stairs Steps Mobile Trailer Supplies. Know the cost/method of garbage and recycling pickup. Before you do anything permanent, like a set of concrete steps or stairs, think about the other possibilities. Step Deep High Portable Concrete Steps, 2. 4x4 Green tree mobile home deck and steps good condition $400-. This is the lowest-effort wood to use. You might also want to tackle this as part of a larger mobile home exterior remodel., Set of mobile home steps gently used must be gone by 5 pm tuesday, Fiberglass steps: $250 OBO eachWooden steps: $100 OBO each. x 3-1/2 in. These steps usually consist of an inner layer of wood thats covered in fiberglass material. Recently, I have received a couple of emails asking about mobile home steps and smaller porches or platforms. People are still often surprised to hear it but you can use this opportunity to make some useful or just plain, yet inviting, additions to your mobile home. However, this can be limited a lot by what type of steps you choose. In that case, you must buy steps made of materials that are very slip-resistant. Finance, Insure, and Sign on the Dotted Line. We'll text you monthly exclusive updates about sales, coupons, and the latest news. Besides the fact that you must consider the household members while deciding on this factor, you must also think about the weather conditions. To build mobile home steps with landing, you will need: -4x4s -2x4s -Nails -Screws -Concrete - Landing material (wood, metal, etc) Start by creating a frame for your landing using the 4x4s. Lastly, you can think of implementing something unique and large-scale, like one of these special exterior stairways. This is because they often stay wet due to rain or snow. 2. If you build something permanent like concrete steps, you might find this hard to remove if you ever want to install something bigger. $10.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $10.00 with coupon. NOTE: ALL STEPS ARE PRE-ASSEMBLED WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE HAND RAIL AND ARE PRIMED. These sturdy pine-treaded steps, attached to a super-strong, cross-braced metal frame, offer attractive access to any mobile home at an economical price. M. You will be able to choose between steps with either a small landing or that transition straight from your door to the steps. mcallen. You can compare various materials as well as dealers to see which of them best suits your needs.

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