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)Condition: FN 6.0 range copy.Impact ding to bottom right corner of the comic, affects the whole bottom right corner, also has some spine stresses, and minor cover edgewear. J. Su, Definitive G1 Collection: Volume 43; cover art by Don Figueroa and Guido Guidi, Definitive G1 Collection: Volume 44; cover art by Don Figueroa, Guido Guido and Emiliano Santalucia, Transformers: Best of Bumblebee; cover art by James Biggie. I finally found a use for all those voice-changer helmets! Sideswipe swats Kickback with a broken street light, wanting to avenge Sunstreaker 's death. Comic V/f+, The Amazing Spider-Man Issues 352, 353, 355, 357, 358, 359, 364, 366, An. The Decepticons are driven off; the intervention of a disgruntled Thundercracker prevents the European Union from nuking New York City, though he pays for his "betrayal". Lots of characters show up with new bodies! Transformers All Hail Megatron #1 Apocalypse Comics Killer Joke Homage All times are GMT -4. The Transformers: All Hail Megatron is the overarching title of a widely-promoted event in the IDW Comics Generation 1 universe in 2008-9. The first details of the series were revealed on the trashy Australian tabloid current affairs programme Today Tonight on January 16, 2008. It is revealed that Sunstreaker betrayed the Autobots due to Bombshell messing with Hunter. This new Autobot made his debut in the pages of All Hail Megatron proper, and his introduction was heavily hyped by the company, garnering the character quite an infamous reputation as a polarizing figure in the fandom and marking him as one of the most distinctive elements of McCarthy's tenure on the brand for good or for ill. A small handful of other Spotlights were published while All Hail Megatron was running, but had nothing to do with the story; regardless, they would go on to be collected with Jazz and Drift in a trade paperback labelled as the third volume of the All Hail Megatron story. With no one to stand in their way, how will the planet survive? The Matrix of Leadership was promptly retconned in as a key factor in IDW's history, despite not appearing in the story depicting the war's origin (years later, James Roberts's "Chaos Theory" would expand and explain this glitch), while the paucity of energon that drove the backstory of Furman's new vision seemed a thing of the past. This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. As part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of Transformers in 2009, this comic book run, All Hail Megatron, was published in an alternate storyline where Megatron and his Decepticons finally win the war against the noble Autobots and Earth falls to. The crowd marvels at the giant robots, some thinking they are movie props. TRANSFORMERS ALL HAIL MEGATRON #1 Apocalypse Comics CBCS 9.8 Killing . Of course, this is all a joke and the Constructicons begin blasting into the crowd and street, blasting everything and everyone in sight. This is one of the first comics available for Sony's Digital Comic Service for the PlayStation Portable. And what of the missing Autobots? During a running battle with the Swarm, Sunstreaker reveals that he was the traitor and sacrifices himself to save the others. I simply love that developement of the characters and struggles they face. Sparkplug's group is attacked by Dropshot, who was hiding as one of their missile launchers all this time, and panicking he asks if they can be under their noses all the time, where else can they be? 25, No. All Hail Megatron - book 3 chapter 1 | Cinematic Comics! ", After it is revealed that Sunstreaker betrayed the Autobots, Drift tells Ironhide that the Decepticons had knowledge that Sunstreaker couldn't possibly have known, meaning there was another traitor in their midst. DC/Transformers References Pt 1: The Killing Joke [Artwork] Killing Contents [ hide ] 1 Synopsis 2 Featured characters 3 Quotes 4 Notes 4.1 Continuity notes 4.2 Transformers references 4.3 Real-world references 4.4 Errors 4.5 Other trivia 4.6 Covers (5) 4.7 Advertisements 4.8 Reprints 5 References Synopsis Prowl delivers a message on a device to Jazz, who angrily throws it away. Specifically featuring a cast made up almost entirely of 1984-1986 characters for their high recognizability, the series was originally intended as only six issues; Chris Ryall requested its expansion to twelve. He also made a secret deal with Starscream, where the Autobots would get Megatron in exchange for Earth, instead the Autobots get ambushed, Optimus nearly dies and many Autobots outposts fall after a security breach in their access codes This becomes too much for him to bear and. Sunstreaker. Content is used in good faith under \"fair use\" guidelines and no infringement intended. We answer questions fast, and ship even faster! All Hail Megatron issue 1 - Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki All Hail Megatron | Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki | Fandom This all-new series picks up one year after the Revelations saga, and finds the Decepticons alone and triumphant on Earth, with not an Autobot in sight. Starscream is far from happy. Lasting from 2008 to 2009, the series ran for sixteen issues (including four "Coda" issues of short stories), with a small handful of vaguely associated Spotlight-series tie-ins. All Hail Megatron Book Club Edition; cover art by Trevor Hutchison, The Complete All Hail Megatron; cover art by Trevor Hutchison, The IDW Collection, Volume 5; cover art byE. In real life, there is no such rank as "commander" in the, The equivalent rank in the U.S. Air Force would be a. DJ has a "soul patch" beard, which, in the real world, is not allowed for U.S. military pilots (as it would interfere with the sealing of the pilot's oxygen mask). Starscream is far from happy. I knew from day one that this was going to piss some people off. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for The Transformers: All Hail Megatron . Ultimately, however, the sub-numbering was dropped before release of the series.[4]. Bonus material includes a cover gallery and a 2-page art gallery featuring sketches of Reflector, Frenzy, Kup and Hot Rod. With no one to stop them, the DECEPTICONS' subjugation of the Earth began in earnest. In 2012, a motion comic version of All Hail Megatron was pitched to IDW Publishing by Sideshow Productions. A standalone sketchbook and preview comic, "Focus on: Decepticons! less sense, as Hunter was Sunstreaker's headmaster partner, so whatever Hunter would have known Sunstreaker would have known as well. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Me Wheelie say, it lucky day when not used for AHM ay. ", may be considered "All Hail Megatron #0". Writer: Shane McCarthy. Joined: Jun 21, 2002 Posts: 9,872 News Credits: 2 Trophy Points: 287 Likes: +17. I grew up reading Simon Furman books and still have those big format TF comics in my back room. New cover by Trevor Hutchison. Entertainment A standalone sketchbook and preview comic, "Focus on Decepticons", may be considered "All Hail Megatron #0". After the whole event; Sarah, Bridge, and Charles are never mentioned again, while Spike and his dad become important in the next series. Bonus material includes a cover gallery, a 1-page art gallery featuring the. . Mixmaster takes a moment to marvel at how fragile everything feels. a truncated version of the original scene, he fights for a people that hates and fears their kind, Notice how Roadbuster's shoulders are scraping on the ceiling, will have done so by crushing me beneath your heel. Retailer Incentive Cover for All Hail Megatron #1 is a Killing Joke Suddenly, Bombshell surprises him and reveals that he was the one responsible for Sunstreaker's actions by toying with the mind of his former Headmaster partner, Hunter O'Nion. The easy-to-apply treatment greatly enhances surface lubricity for extreme, long-lasting resistance to corrosion and accelerated wear caused by friction and heat. As noted above, All Hail Megatron has some odd discontinuities with the preceding storylines. 36, No. Scrapper makes a brief speech that they have come in peace, to Hook's confusion. Skywarp mocks the humans, telling Starscream that the humans will really be terrified when Megatron arrives. The Transformers: All Hail Megatron, Volume 1 by Shane McCarthy - Goodreads Megatron stops an immediate retaliation by Starscream, wanting to let the humans get a few shots in first. 10, January 1929, The American Cinematographer, Vol. Fighter pilots are sent to intercept the Decepticons, but they think it's just a joke Until they see the robots in person. The Transformers: All Hail Megatron is the overarching title of a widely-promoted event in the IDW Comics Generation 1 universe in 20089. Scrapper: "Human creatures of Earth, we come in peace. Unfortunately for him, Megatron ominously makes his appearance mid rant. View cart for details. Transformers: The Complete All Hail Megatron - Book Depository Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sol Fury, May 5, 2008 #1. A brief flashback show the war on Cybertron, its evacuation, and a battle on Earth. Satisfied with his demonstration of power, Megatron then orders his crew to attack, which they do with gusto. The Transformers: All Hail Megatron was the second major "act" of IDW Publishing's first ongoing comic universe, intended to serve as a "soft reboot" of IDW's increasingly complicated storylines and create a jumping-on point for new readers following the truncated ending of the previous collection of mini-series and one-shots. The first page's snapshot-to-snapshot, bare-bones retelling of the Transformers backstory mimics the first page of 2006's. Illustrator: Guido Guidi. Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1 Review - IGN Hunter into this, in order to access to Sunstreaker's mind. Bonus material includes a cover gallery and the art sketches from previous collections. Before All Hail, IDW's Transformers universe had very much been the vision of one creatorFurmanand was written very tightly, with most stories across different publications interrelating and forming a complex, unfolding tapestry. Optimus and Spike's dialogue while Sideswipes finds Hunter, and the subsequent actions. Each book is numbered and signed by artist. This is possibly due to the writer Shane McCarthy being. The first advertisement for the series was simply a red Decepticon symbol on a black background with "Swear Allegiance 2008" written in red. Thundercracker, who's disgusted that the Decepticons are no longer a. Andy Reid set out to find his dead pal DJ's girlfriend, who might still have been somewhere in the ruins of New York City. Meanwhile, the Autobots are in a sorry state on Cybertron, with Optimus Prime in critical condition, the Matrix of Leadership in Decepticon hands, and a traitor suspected in their ranks. All Hail Megatron Book 1: Megatron Conquers Earth | Non voice over The Transformers: The IDW Collection Volume Five, Transformers: The Definitive G1 Collection, #27: "Black Planet: Dark Cybertron Chapter 11", Shane McCarthy's January 2009 interview with to the question of retcons and continuity errors in All Hail Megatron, Chris Ryall on the IDW forums, explaining the original sub-numbering plan, Chris Ryall on the IDW forums again, dismissing sub-numbering altogether,, Comic Book Resources article on Shane McCarthy and All Hail Megatron,,, Shane McCarthy on the, confirming continuity,, Astrotrain's locomotive form was anachronistic even in 1985, The Wreckers originally and later on, Omega Supreme, Almost all the events in AHM can be traced to Sunstreaker and what he went through in the Escalation miniseries, as seen in the Coda Flashbacks, with one of the main and most iconic flashbacks being Sunstreaker's disembodied head asking for a, Sunstreaker. All Hail Megatron issue 12 - Transformers Wiki The attack spreads to other cities around the globe as well. Shrapnel and Bombshell have modified Generation 1-esque designs, transforming into more bug-like insect modes. We come to you to preach the message of unity, co-operation, and goodwill. The Decepticons have won, the Autobots are defeated, and the time for conquest is at hand! Immediately after this is forgotten and never brought up again, however the next page shows Hunter being tortured by Bombshell, implying that Hunter is the source of the con's information which makes even. The creation of the Insecticons is a major plot point in All Hail, despite two of the team's members previously appearing in Spotlight: Blaster and Megatron: Origin, while past depictions of IDW's eloquent Soundwave were ignored in favor of instating his monotone speech patterns from the original The Transformers cartoon. On your knees, human scum, and bow before the great and glorious Megatron! 21, No. This article needs to grow up a little bit. He doesn't know how right he is. Sideswipe gives one to his own people, because he feels the Autobots have strayed away from the ideals they were supposed to represent, and as such, they do kind of deserve the state they're currently at. Both: Hahahahaha! Idw Transformers All Hail Megatron #12 Apocalypse Comics Free Shipping, All Hail Megatron #1 Apocalypse Variant CGC 9.8 IDW Transformers Killing, Transformers All Hail Megatron #1 Variant CGC 9.8, Idw Transformers: All Hail Megatron #12 : Apocalypse Variant :romita Hom, All Hail Megatron #1 - Super Rare Apocalypse Variant (KILLING JOKE HOMAG, All Hail Megatron #1 CGC 9.9 Batman Killing Joke Variant Transformers Sc, All Hail Megatron Killing Joke Variant CGC SS Remark Print 1 Transformer, Transformers #1 All Hail Megatron CGC 9.9 Apocalypse Variant 1/1000 Kill, Idw Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1 : Apocalypse Variant : Romita Hom, Transformers All Hail Megatron #1 Cgc 9.8 Killing Joke Homage Variant, The American Cinematographer, Vol. The end result: the Autobots defeat his forces in combat, and Spike shoots him in the face. 2, February 1944, The American Cinematographer, Vol. I COMBINE SHIPPING FOR FREE IN THE U.S.I SHIP FAST, AND SAFE IN A BOX.NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON CGC BOOKS, SORRY!PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER COMIC LISTINGS THIS WEEK FOR MORE RARE VARIANTS, MODERN KEY ISSUES, KEY 1ST APPEARANCES AND CGC GRADED COMICS. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. The Seekers make their grand entrance soon after. Transformers All Hail Megatron #1 Apocalypse Comics Killing Joke Everything we have done here has brought dishonor to the Decepticon name. Chris Ryall tells us that the love of this cover will be sent overseas to UK .

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