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I have to say though that almost nobody dressed up for dinnerI saw one or two men in sport coats. This includes the Viking Daily which provides information for each new day and the evening updates by the program director in the Lounge before dinner. We received great overviews of a place with the large group tours, but what we remember most were the unique experiences that came from the optional experiences. We're with you. How many outlets are available in the cabin? If you dont live in the U.S., Im sure other governments have similar programs for travelers. And Cary Cruiser, all of our itinerary information, airline boarding passes, music, museum audio apps, RS walking tours, language translators, maps, $$ converters, public transportation apps & reading material are downloaded onto our devices. And, yes, there is a nice vanity area where you can sit and do your hair and makeup, across from the bed. I have been told by friends who sail on other lines that I will need a lanyard and pouch to carry ID and room keys, we did not on Viking River Cruises, do we on the ocean cruise? Many cruise lines have banned bringing power strips on cruise ships due to the chance that the surge protector will overload the circuit and cause potential electrical damage or fires. All longships include both 110V and 220V electrical outlets, as well as hair dryers. Thank you for your informative article! Likewise, a few days later, I had just started reading a different book and placed it on my night table on top of my Kindle. We will be traveling on the Viking Ksvair and I am thinking about the number of outlets available for charging devices and would love your input. Is this allowed? Just in front of the Lounge to the bow of the ship is the Aquavit Terrace. You set the code, so its a cinch to remember. In Southeast Asia the ships use a 2-pin Euro plug. There were a few days when we arrived at our port later than planned and had much less time to explore the city. The Viking Grand European Tour from Amsterdam to Budapest was such a great experience one well never forget. We are trying to determine if the additional cost for a veranda stateroom is worth the extra expense compared to the french balcony. This is because some guests may have canceled their planned optional excursions prior to the cruise; so its a good practice to check on this and any other concerns once youre on board. Check with your Viking agent or your travelagent (or your MyVikingJourney online portal if youre already booked on a cruise) to learn the latest protocols aboard the ship and in the countries that youll be visiting. We also took along some thank you cards and put in some extra cash to give to those we felt went above and beyond during our cruise. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your kind words. (Its not uncommon for someone to forget to scan their card when returning to the ship.). Id suggest you reference your online itinerary on Vikings site before departure to get a rough idea of when youll be docked in each city. Id be surprised if they couldnt tell you the answer; my experience is that they are great on the phone! I like a foam pillow so I asked for one on my Bermuda cruise with Viking. How exciting! I usually carry a small purse with that and my phone and a small amount of cash. The Silver Spirits package is complimentary for guests in an Explorer Suite. Everyone should read this as every question seems to be answered well and clearly! How early are they available to avoid the rush? Were planning on a dinner in a town, tour of some beer gardens and lunch in Heidelberg, and just walking around. When I returned, I noticed two Viking bookmarks resting on top of the books. Serious to get coffee in the morning without getting dressed??? Our luggage awaited us, and our new room keys were on the dresser. The 220V outlets are German Schuko 2-pin safety plugs. There are large windows on the port and starboard sides so views are available while cruising the river at mealtime. Is room service available or will my husband have the opportunity to fetch my coffee? If you have dietary restrictions, let Viking know when you book. And about ATMs, weve used them in Europe without any problems. There they may board another ship. You said you enjoy a few drinks before dinner, and if you add in some premium wine at dinner, the total you spend each day might add up pretty quickly. They will text you with any security issues you should be aware of while youre away. So, we really didn't have an issue with too many devices/not enough outlets. But having to pack additional converters or keeping your fingers crossed . There was a mandatory safety drill on our first full day of the river cruise. Uniworld Boutique River Cruises: 220V power is most common; some ships also have 110V outlets. Although we have some other trips planned (that we organize ourselves, as we often do), we are contemplating which Viking cruise river or ocean we will be booking next. Enjoy! The sizes of the ships are designed specifically for the rivers they ply (e.g., they need to navigate the sometimes narrow waterways and any locks along the way). My recollection is that Viking Ocean Cruises have fluffy comforters and luxury down pillows. Unless you are wed to a particular product, there is no need to bring shampoo or conditioner onboard with you. Instead, the dress code is elegant casual, which can mean anything from a sundress in the Caribbeanto slacks and a blouse for women cruising in colder climates. Your husband doesnt need to pack a blazer if he wouldnt normally wear one for dinner. . Theres always iced tea often with different flavors every day. So an adapter will be needed on the ship? Thanks. I just have one clarification about dressing for dinner mentioned in the article you read. Good question, John, but its not an easy one to answer! Weve had no regrets. Viking 1-866-984-5464. I bet youre planning your next cruise already. The ships are designed for this to have travelers walk through the common spaces. This was true in Passau, a city of over 50,000, and especially, There are times when river cruise ships have to have guests disembark a ship and then board a sister ship. Thanks for the great information. Hi Danny, Im not sure which cruise youre referring to, but you asked an excellent question about renting a car to make day trips while on the cruise. Hi Ricardo, It sounds like you have a great trip ahead! Regarding local currency in Hungary, you can head to an ATM once youre there to get the amount of local cash you want. All outlets are European style (2 pin) with . (OK, the wifi in the rooms REALLY sucksbut if thats your #1 problem, you arent doing badly). Thanks, Jazzbeau. Have fun whatever you decide to do! I hope you have a wonderful cruise and that things work out for your planned day trips! The Silver Spirits option is offered at a fixed price per guest and spans the entire length of the trip. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Viking river cruise, which transported us in great comfort to some amazing European destinations. Viking is happy to celebrate your birthdays and anniversaries while onboard. The hairdryer is not in the bathroom, but in the bedroom, in a drawer under the counter where the outlets are. Follow the link below to discover further details about what life is like aboard a Viking Cruises ship. Youll find Viking river cruises all through Europe as well as in Egypt and Southeast Asia. What a great experience she has ahead of her! Check-in time for the hotel is 3:00 PM. Use down arrow key to expand the menu and up arrow key to collapse the menu and hit enter to select the link In addition, there are quite a few optional excursions available at an extra cost. When this happens, the cruise ship parks parallel to another cruise ship. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. On our cruise, this was done in the Lounge just after the evening port talk by the program director. Oh, Im so glad you had a wonderful cruise with amazing service! (This is handy because you might encounter tour groups from other Viking ships that are docked in the same city at the same time.) Some guests preferred to stay in the Lounge and simply relax, read a book, or enjoy the view beyond the big plate glass window or take in the views from the sun deck. Enjoy your cruise! While I do agree that it is great to get away from the necessary daily evils of devices, I am wondering if you carry papers, maps, & books for all that stuff? After that, we went to an assigned group on the upper deck (groups are determined by what floor the staterooms are on), and we had to give our stateroom number to the staff at the assigned location (for roll call). Did you use local guides? River cruises are very popular choices for people who like the idea of traveling to new places in the comfort of a floating hotel. King-size Viking Explorer Bed with luxury linens & pillows. It has served my family well. Sometimes theres a lot of river cruise ship traffic in popular cities. They are clearly marked. We are in a veranda A stateroom and doing business class flights as a bucket wish. Lolly just finished the Grand European tour a week ago (Budapest-Amsterdam). We also took along some thank you cards and put in some extra cash to give to those we felt went above and beyond during our cruise. Throw your clothes in a washer when you leave for dinner, then in the dryer afterward. Youll see all your options on the online My Viking Journey portal when the tours open up prior to your trip. Another great feature of a Viking River cruise is the ship's electrical outlets. Once youve booked a Viking cruise, take the next steps, Once you book a Viking river cruise, take the next steps to ensure an amazing experience, Best Sights to See on Vikings Grand European Tour, Viking Cruises: Best Action Steps After Booking a Cruise, How to Experience Local Culture When You Travel, How to Create Trip Photo Books to Make Your Travels Last a Lifetime. I will also ask for a lighter bed cover. View on Amazon. 150 square foot stateroom with picture window (no outdoor space), 135 square foot stateroom with French balcony (sliding glass door with no outdoor space), located on the Upper Deck and Middle Deck, 205 square foot room with full-size private veranda, 275 square foot suite with full-size private veranda, mini-bar with wine, beer, and soft drinks that are replenished daily, complimentary laundry & shoe shine services. They are also provided by the cruise line and replenished as needed. Any comments on safety in cities? Thank you Irene for this information! We were docked next to other ships several times on our 15-day cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. TIP: Take a picture of The Viking Daily each evening before heading to bed. Straightening or curling irons are another story. I will be on the Viking Sky so joined anunofficial Viking FB group to ask if all was repaired after the incident ~ a month ago (it is!) Have a wonderful cruise next year! Hi Meri, Power strips, multi plug box outlets/adaptors and extension cords (without surge protectors) are allowed on board when used with proper caution. I'm sure you won't need to plug everything in at the same time, and I'm also sure that if you leave some of those devices at home you'll have a better time on your cruise. If you are traveling on a Viking Longship, you will find both 110V and 220V electrical outlets in your stateroom. After that point, guests still on board could use the common areas (Lounge or sun deck) until their transfer to the airport or other destination. Have a wonderful cruise, Thomas! There are large windows on the port and starboard sides so views are available while cruising the river at mealtime. private bathrooms that are separate from the living space. 8 Ventura plug sockets. The good thing is there are always tomorrows treats to look forward to! We are not interested in spending a lot of time on buses. June 12, 2022 . My husband and I each have a Nook and our own cameras. My first question is, without using the laundry service on board , do you have suggestions on washing items in your cabin? Youll be glad you did! Concerning safety, you can sign up for STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program), a free program run by the U.S. Department of State. Cruise Lines "P - Z" Viking Ocean ; Electrical outlets Electrical outlets. When I returned to the room, I noticed another bookmark was placed on top of it. Youd need to factor in picking up and dropping off the rental cars and then driving to and from your planned destinations. Enjoy! The Viking onboard staff from the captain, hotel manager, and program director to the housekeeping and wait staff were all positive, upbeat folks: smiling, accommodating, and helpful. How can we arrange individual tours or make dinner reservations if we dont know the times or the port arrangements? Required fields are marked *. When you return to your room, you will notice the dinner menus for that evening. Stairs connect all the decks plus theres an elevator to service the upper and middle decks. Have a wonderful time! It will be helpful to others. Our stateroom steward kept the room immaculate. Every ocean (or river ship) weve ever been on has had a hairdryer tucked in a drawer or closet (although you often have to search for them). This is by far THE BEST description and information on Viking River Cruises that I have ever read! Also trying to decide what to wear. How exciting! I just took the Caribbean Amazon cruise and women were wearing slacks and blouses, as did I. During the day on excursions, travelers dress very comfortably as they leave the ship to explore a destination. Just make sure you notify your bank before traveling, so they dont flag your ATM transaction in another country as suspicious! Ever consider a Viking European river cruise? Thank you for making me less anxious! This was true in Passau, a city of over 50,000, and especially in heavyweights like Vienna and Budapest. 10.1 BazTechElectroS European Travel Adapter Plug, 11.99 Amazon. Viking had a sister ship sailing the same journey in the opposite direction from Budapest to Amsterdam so we switched ships. Indeed, very VERY helpfulespecially for first time river cruisers. If we were sailing during the day, the program director narrated scenic highlights along the river as we continued our journey. Have you seen this post? Good to know. The best thing to do is to talk with a Viking staff member as soon as you board to find out details for your specific cruise. In spite of some tweaks, this article will definitely prepare you for your Viking river cruise. Have a great cruise! Hi Catherine, Im glad the article was helpful. Cramming too much in your suitcase increases the odds of incurring additional airline fees for oversized or overweight checked bags. Do women really wear pants and a blouse for dinner? So for 200 dollars, we got a 400 value good for tickets, flights, an excursion, or even the beverage package. My husband and I had planned to go on the Salzburg excursion, but when we learned we would be spending so much time on the bus to travel there and back (for a total of 9.5 hours), we decided to spend our time in Passau instead. Best, Irene, Hi Glenise, After morning housekeeping, we had some fresh fruit and baked treats waiting for us in our room. As mentioned throughout the comments, thank you so much for such insightful and helpful information! My #1 tip to people going on their 1st river cruise is laundry is quick & inexpensive dont overpack. There are laundry rooms on the ocean ships and a friend said do NOT think you will do laundry on the days you are sailing everybody has that idea. I learned that I probably should have packed a small collapsable umbrella to stuff in my backpack; that way, I wont be carrying the big Viking umbrella around after the rain has stopped while were still sightseeing. The longships have both American 110v and Euro 220v service and outlets. COVID Travel Packing List: 6 Essentials For Any Trip. What is your advice? Viking River Cruises: Onboard electricity is 220V; for more detailed information on plugs and adapters click here. It was led by an art historian who took us up to the very top of the cathedral (above the ceiling) where the craftspeople worked. Viking assigns different colored luggage tags to guests depending on what their next travel destination is (a post-excursion through Viking, a trip independent of Viking, or a flight home). bealls online outlet. That was just one of the optional tours we enjoyed and still talk about. We are taking the Grand European cruise, B-A, in late September 2022. This is one way the crew can account for all guests. Good to know, I thought maybe the ship would have a 110 & this would work on its own. Just be sure to unplug when not in use. Once youre on the ship, youll learn the times that the ship will be docked in a city, so you can plan your day. ? Staterooms are guaranteed to be ready at 3:00 pm. Good luck! We sent some clothing to be laundered, and we were happy with that choice. Viking keeps track of your expenses during the cruise, including bar items, laundry, phone calls, and purchases from the Viking shop (logo wear and souvenirs). By Jjg34219, July 3, . Whether you plan to be swimming onboard or taking an excursion that brings you to a beach, you wont need to bring beach towels from home. Onboard youll have port talks to prepare you for each new day along with musical entertainment in the lounge. The crew communicates with each other quite well. Ive hand washed some things in the sink and hung them up to dry on the line, and it worked fine. Its also where youll find freshly baked goodies throughout the day. I hope you two have a fabulous time on your cruise! These devices are attached to lanyards with earpieces. Viking has guest departures timed to match their future travel plans. (Remember that if you're staying in a hotel for part of. Do you have any experience with that destination? Scenic Tours: 220 V and international power adaptors required. Does the ocean cruise provide different pillow? Sounds like youve got a great anniversary trip planned, Gary! We have one of those and love it, because you only need to find one free plug and you're home safe. Beverage gratuities are included in the package. Frankly, I dont think you can go wrong either way, but theyre two very different experiences. The 110V electrical outlets (North American style) are located above the desk and on each side of the bed. Overview. Aside from the new safety protocols Viking has put in place your Complete Guide to a Viking River cruise was thoroughly informative, enjoyed the photos and took many notes while reading. Guess not. Hi, Considering the Silver Spirits package. Prepaid gratuities came to 18 Euros per guest per day. Using ATMs machines? The number indicates which ship youre on. That saved precious counter space. In the theatre it can be arctic. Is that a crazy thing to say?! Suffice it to say that Viking has this all figured out and has contingency plans firmly in place. These long-haired, beautiful women descended from the skies into battles to decide which soldiers lived and which died. which provides information for each new day and the evening updates by the program director in the Lounge before. Thank you for the excellent summary of each important category. Your email address will not be published. Stateroom size: 135 sq ft. River-view stateroom with French balcony (floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door) 12 PM Embarkation. Many folks do tend to change from the clothes they wore for daily excursions to something a little dressier for dinner, but I wouldnt call dinner attire dressy. Ive taken mine on multiple Viking river and OCEAN cruises and have never had a problem. My travel one is small but having not to bring one would be great. Often, a crew member will place towels on your bed the night before if youve booked an excursion that might call for beach towels. Most the times we always take the NCL cruise, but this is the first time on Viking Cruise River The Grand European Tour from Budapest to Amsterdam (for our 22nd anniversary).Im so glad I found a lot of information from the article thats very helpful for us for excursions, maybe transferring ships, parallel parked ships and other information. Some folks elect to get the Silver Spirits package because they enjoy trying new cocktails and/or premium wines while on vacation.

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