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Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin . ", Michel added: "I think he's going to do great in this new job. Washington, DC 20001 Our Mission "I'm so proud of this district, so proud of the team we have here in the Ninth our staff and our business managers. On behalf of the membership, officers and staff, we wish Brother Fenton all the best in his new role. This button displays the currently selected search type. It earned an average investment return of 7.2%, placing the NEBF in the nation's top ten percent of Taft-Hartley pension plans during his time in office. ", Beyond the financial rewards, O'Rourke said, he's always told would-be members that the IBEW "is an extended family, and if you become part of the IBEW, you become part of that family.". Im proud of everything we accomplished together, he said. Support Services ", A long list of other tactics for growth includes "capturing EV buildout, solar, offshore wind, battery storage, grid modernization and upgrade work, and providing any workforce training needed," he said. "And he's not afraid to innovate, which makes him perfect for the job. "He's extremely savvy and smart, but he's also humble. Stay up to date on the Code of Excellence SPARQ newsletter here! "I knew I had found my career," he said. You're family. In 2002, Cooper relocated to Las Vegas, where he worked for Local Union 396 as the assistant business manager. Since Ronald Reagan, working people have repeatedly been forced to their knees. Under his leadership, the local prospered, market share for construction grew, and organizing increased, including a successful organizing campaign at a manufacturing plant that added nearly 200 members to the small local. Reithel then worked the tools at Sweney Electric in Merrillville from 2000 until 2008 and was an area foremen before becoming a full-time business representative for Local 697. An elected board composed predominantly of real estate developers and wealthy farmers governed the water district in the politically conservative region. In 2006, IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill recognized his leadership skills when he asked him to serve as an international representative for the Fourth District of the IBEW, which covers Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Spencer holds degrees in business administration and secondary education and has also studied middle school education. Education Washington, DC 20001 Telephone: (202) 833-7000 Email: IBEW Fax: (202) 728-7676 Find us on google maps . Washington DC 20001 Telephone: 202-833-7000, Fax: . Under Luiz's leadership, union membership grew from 33 percent to 70 percent, which opened the door for a successful campaign and vote for agency shop status. A native of San Diego, Sister Luiz was working for the Eastern Municipal Water District in Southern California when, in 1994, workers in an independent employees association at the utility approached the IBEW for representation. He resides in Clarksburg, Maryland, with his wife, Gina. About the Department. Al Davis is an International Representative at IBEW Local based in Tacoma, Washington. Notification to the I.O. Another accomplishment that Fenton can claim from his time as business manager was Local 223's purchase of a new building. Michel and Spencer got to know each other when Spencer was at Local 1597, and they became close friends as they worked at the district office on several organizing campaigns. This information is a public record, which can also be found on www.UnionReports.gov, which is a government-run website. "I felt an instant connection with the IBEW.". The officers, staff and members of the IBEW thank Brother O'Rourke for his years of dedicated service and wish him a happy and healthy retirement. Login When he was 13, what doctors at first dismissed as growing pains were diagnosed as tumors resulting from Stage 4 Burkitt lymphoma, a rare cancer. The convictions of Brian Ahakuelo and his wife, Marilyn Ahakuelo, by a jury of their peers are a long time coming. Expanding VEEP is one of his missions as the IBEW nationally takes an aggressive approach to organizing growth vital to meet the exploding demand for skilled labor as money pours in from the infrastructure bill, Inflation Reduction Act and other job-creating investments under President Joe Biden. Government Employees Prior to his appointment as an international representative, Fenton was a panel member of the Council on Industrial Relations for five years and served as the Second District representative for the Electrical Training Alliance. 8. Find us on google maps, Login Dave Reaves, O'Rourke's successor, similarly praised his former boss, calling him a friend and mentor. Having developed a taste for union service and activism, Spencer told Local 1597's leaders that he wanted to continue to serve the IBEW in a way that put his interests to use, so they began sending him to district progress meetings and training sessions. ", The transition to life in Washington, D.C., has been smooth for Reithel and his wife, Amy, a dental hygienist who quickly found opportunities. Site Map | Change of Address Money collected by the IBEW is divided into the general fund and the _____ fund. Stephenson at a workers' rally during the 2019 government shutdown in Washington. International President Lonnie R.Stephenson rallied the IBEW's organizers at the 2022Membership Development Conference in San Antonio, Texas. He led the local for four years until 2021, when O'Rourke hired him as an international representative in the Pacific Northwest. Contact Us | 5 general branches of IBEW are: inside wireman Outside wireman "You can't walk down the streets of San Francisco without someone stopping John because they know him or his family or want to talk to him about the IBEW and organized labor. He also deepened the IBEWs commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, stewarding the IBEW Strong program to bring more people of color and women into the union. I've been a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) since 1992 and active in union leadership roles virtually all of that time. It's kind of like being an organizer," Spencer said. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a company that operates in the Nonprofit Organizations industry. "With Ryan, everything's organized. The two formed a friendship that endures to this day. "We organized under California's public agency laws that didn't compel workers to join a union," says Luiz, who was originally skeptical about organized labor but became an activist under the mentorship of then-Ninth District International Representative Art Jones, who died in 2011. Kaeden is a second-generation paratrooper, currently serving in the Army's distinguished 82nd Airborne division. Spencer and his wife, Jonna, have two children, Kaeden and Macy. The IBEW has members in both the United States and Canada and stands out among the American unions in the AFL-CIO because it is among the largest and has members in so many skilled occupations. Pension & Reciprocity In 2016, upon discovering irregularities in both local union spending and in the procedures surrounding a controversial dues increase, IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson placed Local 1260 under International Trusteeship and returned roughly $3.75 million to Local 1260s members. Please join the IBEW's officers and staff in welcoming Reithel to the International Office and wishing him well in his new position. "I am really concerned about the decline of labor unions," says Luiz, who was active in the Coalition of Labor Union Women and the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus. "Our styles are very similar," said Reithel of Noble. "I interviewed Ryan for his apprenticeship," said IBEW Director of Business Development Ray Kasmark, a former Local 697 business manager who sat on the local's joint apprentice training committee at the time. As hard as it is to step aside, I am confident that the IBEW remains in good hands.. After seven years as International President of the IBEW, Lonnie R. Stephenson is retiring. American Veterans organizations like VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, and many others are some of our largest clients. Location 1475 N Loop W. Houston, Texas 77008. "You hear new members say, 'Joining the IBEW was the best decision that I ever made.' What gives me confidence is the example Lonnie set and my mission that every working man and woman in the electrical industry deserves what I have.. The department also keeps track of membership records, processes all payments from locals and members paid directly to the International Office and works with locals on any type of training needed for their officers and staff to process the per capita for the local. Contact Us | There's billions of dollars under his watch. Reaves' family is from the Deep South, but his parents put down roots in Alaska when his father was stationed at an Army base there. "While business manager and financial secretary, it was my responsibility to make sure the payments were sent in monthly. Fax: 713-868-6342. ", Reithel is enthusiastic about his new role. The International Convention is held every _____ years. In 2010, then International President Edwin D. Hill appointed Noble as an international representative in the Sixth District, where he served as the Illinois state political coordinator and serviced local unions in southern Illinois and southwest Indiana. He is the last of his siblings to retire, but Local 6 is still full of O'Rourkes: his son, Rory; son-in-law; three nephews; a niece; and his daughter, Emily, who is both an electrician and for the past 11 years a firefighter. We will build all of that, Noble said. | It was during his time as a Local 697 leader and activist that he met the future international secretary-treasurer. Or a local Houston contractor in need of skillful electrical services? Delegates to the 40th International Convention overwhelmingly elected him to a full term in 2022. After seven months of intensive chemotherapy in Chicago, an hour's drive away, the cancer was declared in remission, and Reithel has been cancer-free ever since. "But even though it was never in my plan, I see it as really just a way to continue to help serve the IBEW. Section 3.17. (905) 564-5441 Fax (905) 564-8114 Email ivpd_01@ibew.org. Only a fool would try to deprive working men and working women of their right to join the union of their choice. Former IBEW Local 1260 boss found guilty of fraud, embezzlement. As a Full-Time Customer Service Representative, your work schedule will fall within the hours of operation for the location and may change depending on business needs. 11 25 Lake StreetPicton, ON K0K 2T0Office: 613-827-4613Fax: 613-702-2544ibewsommer@proton.me, FOR UNION SERVICESIBEW CN Local Representatives IBEW CP Local RepresentativesIBEW TTR Local RepresentativesIBEW ONR Local Representative. The couple was also convicted of embezzlement of a labor union asset, six counts for Brian and three for Marilyn, which each carry a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison. When you need help, reach out. After his four-year apprenticeship and six years in the field, O'Rourke landed a seat on the executive board while still a "youngster" by Local 6 standards. Personnel Dave Reaves, who earned a reputation as an innovative and skillful business manager in his native Alaska and more recently as a servicing representative on the West Coast, has been appointed as Ninth District international vice president. "It's full throttle 24/7. In 2022, then-International President Lonnie R. Stephenson appointed him to fill the term of retiring Vice President Ruhmkorff. International Vice President at IBEW. He has often said his decisions have been motivated by his deep gratitude for the stability and opportunity he found through the IBEW. On behalf of the officers, staff and membership, we wish Sister Luiz a long, healthy and happy retirement. "I made it a goal to tear down the impediments to signing with us, to take away any reason for contractors to say no," he said. In 2017, through his persistence and leadership, the IBEW celebrated one of the biggest organizing wins in its 125-year history when 1,418 Baltimore Gas and Electric Employees voted to be represented by our great brotherhood. Investment & Employees' 401(K) He was appointed to that position by International President Edwin D. Hill that August. "I realized how hard you have to work to win and gain influence.". He also served as an organizer for the local and in 2017 was elected business manager. His tenure was a whirlwind of bargaining, with the IBEW controlling a high market share of the city's electrical work. He wound up serving as one of the its coordinators. Lonnie did something extraordinary. Meanwhile, his older brother was a journeyman wireman at Local 6 and nudged O'Rourke in that direction. President Biden conveyed just how close that relationship was when he became the first sitting president to address an IBEW convention last May in Chicago. There are _____ International Executive Council Districts in the IBEW. In addition to his responsibilities at Local 702, which represents nearly every branch of the IBEW, Brother Noble served as NECA-IBEW Decatur Plan Trustee, Egyptian Building Trades Officer and president of the Southern Illinois Central Labor Council. It's opened the door and given so many workers who were not unionized what we have in the IBEW. "I pursued the role of Local Union 1245 Delegate to International Convention because I want to represent 1245 IBEW Gas. Together they have raised five successful and intelligent children, three daughters and two sons. He has no ego, zero. Marcie Obremski, who succeeded Reaves at the top of Local 1547, called her longtime friend and colleague "an incredible leader" who is widely popular and respected from the IBEW to larger labor and political circles to community sports leagues as a football and basketball coach. It was a tougher climb than most for Reithel, a native of Merrillville, Ind. He said O'Rourke and his executive assistant, International Representative Dominic Nolan, have been invaluable tutors, and Reaves is grateful that Nolan is staying on in that role, effectively chief of staff, until his retirement next year. We are a bigger, stronger and more diverse union than we were seven years ago, he said. 46, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Spencer believes he will be continuing that care through his support of Cooper and Chief of Staff Ricky L. Oakland. "We're right now on the cusp of 155,000 members," he said, heaping praise on organizers and local leaders. IBEW members, she says, are fortunate to be in a union that remains strong. Brother Fenton was initiated into Taunton Local 235 in 1987, shortly before it was amalgamated with Local 223 in 1988. Phone: 713-869-8900. . Soon after his appointment in 2010 as Sixth District International Vice President, Stephenson fought hard, but ultimately unsuccessful, battles for working families as Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana passed right-to-work laws. IBEW Statement on the Convictions of Brian Ahakuelo and Marilyn Ahakuelo Delegates ratified several amendments to the IBEW Constitution Article IX in September 2016 that included setting the International monthly per capita at $20.00 starting in the year 2020. As a teenager, O'Rourke hawked concessions at 49ers and Giants games and worked his first union job, clerking at a Lucky Supermarket. Their union issues were bread-and-butter issues for us as a family.". International Representative Juanita Luiz, IBEW Political/Legislative Department, retired effective Dec. 1. Cooper began his career in 1985 at Local Union 688 in Mansfield, Ohio, where he served a four-year apprenticeship to become a journeyman wireman. His path to the IBEW started with a job in the oil and gas industry after college. The IBEW represents approximately 775,000 active members and retirees who work in a wide variety of fields, including utilities, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government. . International Representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. That work experience helped Reithel stand out. Reithel describes hunting, the outdoors and their German Sheppard, Gianna, as his "relaxation passions." Civic and Community Engagement As the Per Capita director, I know what is required by the constitution on reporting and sending in your report as a local," he said. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers issued the following statement upon the conviction of Brian Ahakuelo and Marilyn Ahakuelo on Monday, Nov. 21: "He's computer-savvy, he's good with numbers, and when he gets into something, he gets in deep.". And, with a good negotiated contract, we have legal protections we would not have otherwise. Contact Us | Any charges against any officer or representative of a local union must e made in writing and filed with the unions _____ International Vice President. In 2010, his local sent him to the AFL-CIO's first Next Up summit in Washington, D.C., for young union members, an experience that helped fuel his passion further. Privacy Statement, The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 11 is made up of local unions. Stephenson and Cooper on stage together at the union hall of Chicago Local 134 in May 2022. Association and Local Union No. We faced historically bad headwinds during his term, and he leaves us stronger than he found us: more members, more friends and better prospects for the future, Cooper said. As a member of the IBEW, you can negotiate with your employer for better wages and benefits, fair treatment, a safe working environment and a harassment-free workplace. 204 806-2688 . He'll step down Jan. 4 after nearly 50 years of active service to the IBEW. "President Cooper is on the road a lot," he said, "and when the time came to select someone to help make sure that no part of this union gets overlooked, whether he's at home or away, he and I both were certain that Louie was that someone. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO, CLC 900 Seventh Street, N.W. "Additionally, we're looking to build certifications for some of the new technologies to make sure that work is done by IBEW members.". "I look forward to seeing what other technology enhancements are on the horizon for the department.". "When you love what you do, it's hard to leave," O'Rourke said. International Officers and Representatives. Reaves took the reins March 1 from his newly retired predecessor, John O'Rourke, who led the district for eight years. When he took the helm in October 2014, after 13 years as business manager of San Francisco Local 6 and two years as an international representative, the district had roughly 128,00 members across California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, northern Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii. "What I like about this job is that I'm consistently in motion," he said. He then won election three more times as business manager and financial secretary before being appointed as an international representative in 2019. 2020 IBEW East Coast Motorcycle Ride; EW Online; IBEW for Clinton-Kaine Campaign Materials; "When I heard that Dave was asked to be a rep, I said, 'If there was anybody made for that job, it was Dave,'" said Local 223 Business Manager Doug Nelson, who's known Fenton since their time working together in the '90s. My name is Kris Anderson and I work as an International Representative for the IBEW's 3rd District. 85% feel they are paid fairly. The Union president or his designated representative may be allowed to absent themselves from work without pay for up to one (1) work day per month in order to IBEW International Representative Dave Jones swore in the new officers, executive board, and examining board members before the union's regularly scheduled monthly in-person meeting. There, Spencer worked on numerous successful organizing campaigns, such as at DirecTV, Baltimore Gas and Electric, and Atlanta Gas Light. ABOUT US; OFFICERS & STAFF; PHOTOS; . The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents approximately 775,000 members and retirees who work in a wide variety of fields, including construction, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, broadcasting, railroads and government. ARCHIVE; CONTACT US. This information is a public record, which can also be found on www.UnionReports.gov, which is a government-run website. Marilyns sister, Jennifer Estencion, was found not guilty of conspiracy and 42 counts of wire fraud. He might not like me saying this out loud, but he was the perfect combination of leadership and vision that this union needed.. News Release from IBEW, Nov 22, 2022 Fenton comes in at a good time for the Per Capita Department, as it has undergone some major technology changes over the past few years. John F. Kennedy, Copyright 2023 by IBEW He isn't afraid of it and will explore new ways to do things better.". In the Fenton served for a time in the Construction and Maintenance Department in 2022 but was primarily assigned to Per Capita, where he worked closely with Spencer. 307 likes. Ryan Reithel, an energetic unionist who overcame early adversity, has been appointed senior executive assistant to International Secretary-Treasurer Paul A. Noble, effective Jan. 4. Contestants were tested on their ability to install wiring from drawings and specifications sheets. The estimated salary at IBEW ranges from approximately $32,000 per year for Lighting Technician to $74,000 per year . One year later, Reithel was initiated into Gary and Hammond, Ind., Local 697. "John is truly loved by the Ninth District staff," said International Representative Dominic Nolan, O'Rourke's executive assistant. "But once they experience what's in it for them, they see the value of working with us. "We only had $500 to spend, but local union members knocked on doors for a month," says Luiz. Copyright 2023 by IBEW Membership Development . International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. . Find contacts: direct phone number, email address, work experience. "I really feel the weight of history in the Ninth District and all that John and Mike Mowery before him accomplished," Reaves said, describing a legacy of growth and inclusion. Now a lieutenant, her father said with pride, she has dual membership in both venerable San Francisco locals. "Now, as a part of the Per Capita Department, I'm part of a team that is responsible for all the members' records, from the time that they join until their retirement. . His mother worked a nonunion factory job with low wages and no benefits, and Cooper learned at an early age the perils of workplace power concentrated in the hands of the employer. Stephenson and Cooper on stage together at the union hall of Chicago Local 134 in May 2022. After a four-week long jury trial before before Senior U. S. District Judge Helen Gillmor, Brian Ahakuelo, 61, the former business manager and financial secretary of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 1260, and his wife, Marilyn Ahakuelo, 59, were found guilty of one count of conspiracy, which carries a maximum sentence of five years, and 42 counts of wire fraud, which each carry a maximum sentence of 20 years, according to the U.S. Attorneys office. "There are 68 military bases in the Ninth District, and other ancillary and federal installations. "Taking care of members is exactly what I wanted to do," Spencer said. The department makes its greatest contribution through its involvement in improving the productivity and quality of work life for all staff and employees, reinforcing the belief that our greatest asset is the people who work here. These convictions are the direct result of the IBEWs vigilance and dogged pursuit of justice for its members. Union density was another story when O'Rourke moved to the Ninth District staff in 2012 and began servicing locals outside the city that were struggling to sign contractors. | By 2019, Stephenson had promoted Spencer to department director, where Spencer continued efforts to leverage technology to help keep the department efficient, including implementing the IBEW digital membership application platform. International Representative Juanita Luiz, IBEW Political/Legislative Department, retired effective Dec. 1. Lonnies been more than my working partner for these last few years, Cooper said. Today, the IBEW is a union ready to ensure that the electrification and energy transition of the North American economy will create a better, cleaner and more reliable future built, run and maintained by the kind of jobs working people used to be able to take for granted. That hasnt changed, just the size of my family, Cooper said. He's also a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan who developed a grudging appreciation for the crosstown White Sox after the team's star third baseman, Robin Ventura, visited him in the hospital while he underwent his cancer treatment. QUICK LINKS. - International Representative IBEW Jan 2002 - Oct 2015 13 years 10 months. Reasonable. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a company that operates in the Nonprofit Organizations industry. Led by Business Manager LeRoy Chincio Jr., Local 1260 is focused on serving the locals membership, negotiating fair contracts and improving the lives of working people across Hawaii and Guam. When not working, the Taunton native likes to walk around his new home of Washington, D.C., including the Georgetown waterfront along the Potomac River. Fenton noted how his time in leadership at Local 223 also gave him some good experience for running the Per Capita Department. Thank you to each and every IBEW member for your contributions over the last seven years.. It astonished him and hammered home the need to build political coalitions that valued working families and stiffened his resolve that if labor had a future it would need to organize. It's a workforce that's really untapped.". And all that load will need transmission and distribution to connect the clean, reliable generation and storage. Ibew Anchorage, Alaska postal code 99503. Stephenson was finishing his second term as business manager in 2002 when he was appointed international representative assigned to the Sixth District. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO, CLC 900 Seventh Street, N.W. Under his stewardship, the National Electrical Benefit Fund grew from $13.9 billion to $16.1 billion. Site Map | | When he's ready to go, he's ready to go.". We represent 40,000 members in Pennsylvania, and of that, roughly 8,000 members work in the electric utility and telecommunications fields. Previous Business Manager of IBEW Local 1547 with a demonstrated history of working in the construction and . But he's especially eager for more family time, including activities with his grandchildren, ages 5 and 8, and traveling with his wife, Elaine. 299 Ward St. The most important work in America right now is our work. "Paul was the [Sixth District] desk rep, and if you ever needed anything, it was 'better call Paul." He never speaks bad about anyone.". Use this form if you want an organizer to contact you. Brian Ahakuelo and Marilyn Ahakuelo were each then expelled from the IBEW for life after internal union hearings were held. Whether you are a professional or blue collar employee, the IBEW has experience in organizing and representing workers in your career. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Lonnie R. Stephenson is retiring, effective Jan. 4, bringing an end to a nearly five-decade active career in the union. Construction & Maintenance "You have to have the ability to talk to people in Per Capita. He and his wife Gina have two beautiful daughters and one granddaughter. Rocketreach finds email, phone & social media for 450M+ professionals. "Like hell you are," she told him. Union members elect their representatives, establish bylaws and meet regularly to consider grievances and other local business.Read ABOUT US, FOR MORE INFORMATIONIBEW System Council No. representative shall mean a principal officer or designated representative of the local Union, or an IBEW international representative. Contact the Webmaster for questions or comments about this website. | International Representative at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Mentor, Ohio, United States . The real value of the relationship, however, was measured in the laws that were passed and in the allies of working people appointed to positions that matter for worker safety, wages and quality of life.

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