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Hooded post and tangent rear sights with the Norinco factory markings on the right side of the milled receiver and importer markings from the Briklee Trading Company of South El Monte . On the other hand, Finns issued the 7.62mm TKIV tell me they prefer it, since it is much easier to carry than the heavier 8.6mm TKIV (Sako TRG-42) and its heavier ammo. [10], Commercial non military issue mounts that attach to the Warsaw Pact rail mount can allow use of Picatinny rail-mounted optics.[11]. I believe it was a PGN-1, but our conversationhad taken place 20 years ago, so I may have it wrong. Answer (1 of 7): I'm going to expand a bit on Mr. Piazza's answer. Beginning in the 80's, wooden parts were replaced with synthetic parts made of a black polymer the handguard and gas tube cover are more or less identical in appearance, while the thumbhole stock is of a different shape. guy's deer rifles or safe-stored collection pieces. (He also showed me the systema shoulder throw, while dropping to the knee, they used for throwing mujahideen off of cliffs in nighttime hand-to-hand combat!) All requests tobe added to the contact list must include your name, phone number, email, and what specifically you're Here it is: It is a semi-auto rifle in 7.62 X 54R (Rimmed). In fact, Russian troops had faced Chechen snipersoften exRussian Army snipersarmed with Dragunovs during the war from 1999 to 2009. In 1999 the 7N1 was replaced by the 7N14 sniper round, which has an armor-piercing bullet. The barrel breech is locked through a rotating bolt (left rotation) and uses three locking lugs to engage corresponding locking recesses in the barrel extension. In 1963, after years of hard work, Evgeny Dragunov's semi-automatic sniper rifle, or SVD, was officially adopted, making it one of the only military rifles in the world made from the ground up as a sniper rifle. real Dragunov, built by the Russians on quality tooling, without spending half a year's pay on the original Dragunov (just to get an extra four inches on the barrel). Despite being extremely affordable, the A&K SVD comes packed with features and construction you would expect from high dollar airsoft guns. *Lighting a path to truth* Former Navy JAG Worldwide U.S. Military Defense. The receiver, bolt carrier group, and other parts have been upscaled to handle the more powerful cartridge. The 7. The resulting Dragunov rifle (also known as the SVD) was a fairly impressive design. With the .308 chambering and the military furniture, this is the absolute most accurate Dragunov rifle you can buy. cases, if you're not familiar with them, arethe top of the line forboth protection and storage. where it should be, not needing a field gauge at all. From there it is not known It was thought that a relatively small number of marksmen armed with 7.6254mmR fully powered cartridge chambered arms could assist conventional troops armed with 7.6239mm intermediate cartridge chambered arms by suppressing/harassing valuable targets and assets (such as officers, radio operators, vehicle crews, other marksmen, machine gun teams, anti-tank warfare teams, etc.) All are in the hands of serious collectors and it is very rare that one shows up The only Fig. The next most popular rifle Because the Dragunov uses a side scope mount, the sights can be used when a scope is mounted. The 7. The finish is very strong and looks better than most The next most popular rifle (SSG-69) has only been adopted by 5 nations. The rifle utilizes a detachable box magazine that holds 10 rounds. These with range-finding reticle, scope/action cover,three-piece cleaning rod,sniper's packwith pockets for the extra mags, a center pouch big enough for the detached scope and cleaning investment and not feel back to take it out at the barbecue and let friends shoot a few a rounds through it. This makes the rifle more accurate as wood He said he had put a couple of boxes of ammo through it, but it's hard to tell. A Revolutionary. This is the perfect hole-filler for your combloc collection. Comes with the original box and very rare bayonet (very few NDM's came with the bayonet). protect a firearm from rust, corrosion, and physical abuse. storage, some small parts like the some small accessories may vary from rifle to rifle (cleaning kit pouch, cleaning kit contents, etc.). piece, and a very fun gun to shoot. So, it made sense to chamber the new rifle in this proven, powerful, and bountiful cartridge. by. 'Sniper Rifle, System of Dragunov, Model of the Year 1963'), GRAU index 6V1, is a semi-automatic marksman rifle chambered in the fully-powered 7. . see in the pictures below. Riley Defense manufactures AK47 Type rifles in a variety of models.They have recently expanded production to cover New York legal AK Rifles and New Jersey AK rifles and of course California Legal AK47. There is also the SVDS, which was designed for use by airborne troops and incorporates a shorter barrel and folding buttstock. 1. Rifle can The Soviets called it a squad support weapon, and Americans would call it a designated marksman's rifle In many ways, the Soviets were ahead of the time with this idea. The SVDM has a length of 1,135mm (44.7in) (975mm (38.4in) with the stock folded) and weighs 5.3kg (12lb). The Chinese had a version of the Dragunov; this is true. However, that was theoretical: These groups were rarely achieved as I understand it. V-70 A prototype automatic rifle developed in 1968. military rifles and then had the military markings removed when they were packaged for sale to the United States. Guns like the RPK and even the PKM take cues from the AK series of rifles. With standard 57-N-323S cartridges, the precision of the SVD is reduced to 2.21 MOA extreme vertical spread. The website SniperCentral lists the officially adopted sniper rifles of 61 countries, and theSVD represents 23 of them. almost 50 years, the SVD is really more akin to what the U.S. armed forces considers a designated marksman rifle. rifle and scope. We have a Chinese Dragunov in 7.62x51, the only exact copy of the original Russian design. It weighs about 9.5 pounds and has a 24 inch barrel. To allow for use in the harsh Russian winter, the PSO-1 incorporates a battery warmer. This is a factory built RomanianDragunovsniper rifle, complete with original military scope(not the imported version) and all of the accessories pictured. The rifle is easy to use, maintain and repair, which can be vital for regular troops. It is also chambered for the same 7.62x54R round used by Russian snipers during World War II. The Dragunov was designed as a squad support weapon . communist sniper issued a Dragunov rifle in the Afghan war stated that he felt confident hitting people out to 800 yds with one shot, and vehicles up to 1000 yds. Russian military. 1). time later. Buy a Dragunov online. Available, please see our In Stock page or call for current pricing and options. For distances not exceeding 200m (219yd) the probability was estimated to be well above 90% regardless of time taken. of the NDM's imported came with a scope that had English markings. imported. room likely either replaced some parts or parts were swapped by soldier's while cleaning weapons, which is a common occurrence in the military. We also offer 440 roundcases of 762 x 54r ammo, extra mags and parts kits please see therelated items listed below. Price $59.95. The design was not implemented due to the poor terminal ballistics of the projectile and the complexity of the new weapon. The Tiger version of the rifle has a The filter was designed to counter first-generation night vision devices like the M3 Carbine which used infrared spotlights to find their targets. Military parts can be swapped to make it look like the above rifle. It is chambered in 9.364mm instead of 7.6254mmR. Other Incarnations barrel 4 inches shorter than the original (still plenty long enough, as proven by the fact that many current military Dragunovs are issued with the shorter barrels). rifles have even been found to be re-stamped Russian rifles. All Shotguns; The SVD was intended to give a Russian squad a weapon with longer-range engagement capability than that of an AK-47 (or, more recently, an AK-74). UPDATE: This rifle was sold in unfired condition a couple of years This is something that can be passed on to the children but can also be taken out to the range every once in awhile where it's guaranteed to be the center of attention. The Dragunov gets a 100% damage boost to the head and neck, a 50% damage . SVDK (6V9) An experimental Russian variant chambered for the 9.364mm 7N33 cartridge, based on the civilian Tigr design. Perhaps more impressive was the PSO-1 optic attached to the rifle. To attain this level of accuracy the sniper could not engage more than two such targets per minute. With no more of these EVER coming into the United States, this is a valuable investment no matter what you decide to use it for. It is the most accurate ammunition available for your PSL/Dragunov rifle. originally sold by the owner of KBI to the owner of the advertising company that produced the KBI catalogs. The stock included a rubber shoulder pad and cheek riser. of collectors who likely will never feel a need or desire to sell them, this rifle is not one to pass by too quickly. The Dragunov has been adopted by Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and African countries and sees use anywhere the AK finds itself. However, youd be wrong. American forces didn't become serious about DMs until the Global War on Terror. The PSO-1 elevation turret features bullet drop compensation (BDC) in 50 metres (55yd) or 100 metres (109yd) increments for engaging point and area targets at ranges from 100 metres (109yd) up to 1,000 metres (1,094yd). numbers (serial number on this one is very low, only three digits). The first Dragunov I shot was a Type 79:Several years ago, some U.S. special ops units acquired Type 79s to use for Dragunov familiarization training, and I had a chance to shoot one. technology made the filter obsolete. If you're One early issue was a lack of match-grade 7.62x54R ammunition, but this was rectified with the adoption of the 7N1 sniper cartridge in 1967. Soviets used them in Afghanistan, and in turn, Afghans used the same rifles against Americans. Everything from the design to its intended use and menacing name drives the weapons appeal. The range did not have paper targets set up, so I fired at silhouettes from 200 yards and hit them every time. A Dragunov-equipped soldier could provide effective and precise suppressing fire, extend the squads effective range, and even pick off more valuable soldiers. The rifle has been gauged for headspace and is exactly [5] The front part of the barrel features the front sight assembly and a bayonet lug. Only 100 of these rifles were imported. The Dragunov has been updated over its service life. First, it uses the same type of action that an AK-47 uses, which makes it drag-through-the-mud reliable. The Dragunov originally served as a sniper rifle with conventional forces. A rumor I (Pre-1899) Rifles - Matchlock/Wheellock Misc; Antique (Pre-1899) Rifles - Perc. It combines the durability of the Russian Dragunov Shooting Impressions This [7][8], Several military issue alternative telescopic sights with varying levels of magnification and reticles are available for the SVD. There is one. This ammunition is match grade and produced in extremely limited quantities for military use only. The next most popular rifle (SSG-69) has only been adopted by 5 nations.

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