honeywell water heater igniter not working

The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. This means, if the power is out, you will not be able to light the hot water heater. Eric,your tutorial was very helpful, Im from El Paso as well. One possibility is that the power to control may have been lost. Your heaters pilot light stops lighting when it faces restriction due to the carbon deposits build up in it. They are red/green or blue. Last but not least, a bad thermopile is one of the major reasons behind the Honeywell hot water heater status light-off issue. If the FV sensor detects any issue near the heater, it will prevent your heaters ignition possibility by going into lockout mode. To better understand how yours works, you will need to know what type you have. Honeywell Water Heater Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions], 1. If you find any wire or plug broken you can call the electrician to fix it. It ensures a constant flame to light the burner. Next, reattach everything like the wiring, manifold tube, and pilot tube to the gas control valve. Also, your heaters lower thermostat malfunction causes slow hot water recovery. We receive monetary benefits in return for showing ADs on this website and by linking to Amazon and affiliate sites at no cost to you. Alternatively, if the pilot light goes out right after you light it, you want to reset the door switch, or high-limit reset switch. If your water heater is beeping due to overheating, turn the thermostat down to reduce the temperature. Also, make sure that every heating element is in good working condition. Individually you need to check all the parts, like the igniter, thermocouple, flex tube, etc., to find out which one is the culprit. She grew up surrounded by constant home improvement projects and owes most of what she knows to helping her dad renovate her childhood home. Once heating is required, the gas control valve will discharge gas into the main burner and the pilot light will ignite the gas. A brief visual inspection will generally help you discover possible issues with your pilot flame. Clogged Base-in-filter & Arrestor 7. If the igniter seems dirty, clean it by using an emery cloth. I see absolutely nothing inside the little window on the hot water heater. Clogged base-ring filters or the flame arrestor. But you might be struggling to figure out what kind of paint to use on garage walls. Turn it off at the breaker panel and then on to the heat setting. After that, reinstall the plastic cover on the control and secure it with the nut. If the pilot does not light, the water heater will not heat up. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, Google Adsense, and Ezoic Ad Network. Also, this guide has the solutions to other hitches like the heater not heating, overheating; the burner wont ignite, error codes, etc. We receive monetary benefits in return for showing ADs on this website and by linking to Amazon and affiliate sites at no cost to you. When yourHoneywell water heater pilot light wont light, your heater will stop heating. Also, check the wiring connection. However, the unit could be experiencing any of the following issues: On the other hand, if the pilot wont light but you do have a spark, this means that gas is not reaching the pilot. Note: You can also read how to fix Honeywell hot water heater status light blinking 7 times. > Replace the bad gas control valve, thermostat knob, faulty outer door, weak pilot, and faulty thermostat to ensure proper gas supply to the heater. l O flashes - Control off or Pilot out l 1 flash - Normal operation Push the On/Off/Pilot knob down with one hand and use your other to hold a barbecue lighter. Sediment build-up at your water tank bottom leads to premature rusting. A faulty igniter will fail to glow even after receiving an adequate amount of voltage. Next, remove a screw from the bottom of the Honeywell Gas Control Valve. And then, pry off the igniter from the plastic assembly. Check out any corrosion in the connections. Look though the sight glass for a small, blue spark while pressing the igniter button repeatedly. Some people refer to this problem as a flare out or simply pilot failure. When you have a problem with your water heater, you will need to do some troubleshooting and some testing. Honeywell water heaters blue light means your heaters battery charge reduces to below 10%. Other reasons for this problem are: There are a few possible causes for a malfunctioning Honeywell water heater igniter. Most newer hot water heaters use an electronic igniter, this means that you will not be able to manually light it, the way you could with an older one. Circuit Board in the Gas Control Valve is defective. Clean the thermocouple and replace it if needed. You will have to unscrew the thermocouple, from the control valve. Most modern water heaters no longer have standing pilots. Turn the control knob to the ON position. Tools Required 4-in-1 screwdriver Adjustable wrench Wrench set Materials Required Dish soap Long matches Thermocouple No hot water? This troubleshooting guide will explain all those factors responsible for your Honeywell water heaters major problem and their practical solutions. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. The thermopile unit controller of the water heaterconverts thermal energy into electrical energy. > Replace the bad gas control valve, & thermostat. Simply push the switch and listen for a click. You will know it is working if you feel the heat coming from the unit. And thus your water heater can leak. They contain scalding water that is under pressure, which can spray from the pressure-relief valve, putting nearby individuals at risk of burns. That's why you should inspect these two elements first and repair or replace them to let the status light blink again. The pilot lights the gas burner for the water heater. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You may have to dim the room lights to see the spark. Remove the two connectors of red and white wires from the gas control valve. Start with the easiest thing first, and work your way down the list. That includes: The below guidelines will help to fix the tripped switch issue. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. Induced draft water heaters use an intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition instead of a standing pilot light. Just follow the below few simple steps to relight the pilot with Honeywell Gas Control Valve: Step #1: Start by turning off the gas control knob to the Off position. Reconnect gas supply line. If the igniter fails, the burner will not light. Then, unscrew the manifold tube, pilot tube, and gas supply tube from the gas control valve. Go on reading our Honeywell water heater troubleshooting guide. You may have some trouble getting the electronic ignition, to light your water heater, which can be frustrating. Now, check the spark wire and ensure it is grounded properly. If the heater pilot light keeps going out, be sure there isa faulty, misaligned, dirty, or damaged thermocouple responsible for this. To solve this problem, use a wire brush to remove any dirt or corrosion from the inside circuit at the top of the water heater tank and try lighting it again. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. The status light on the gas control valve will not blink if there is an interruption in the gas supply to your water heater. Disconnect and rejoin the wires. Blocked vents or insufficient air supply. Ifthe Honeywell water heater status light doesnt blink butthe pilot lights, there may have a defective wiring connection with the gas control valve. Continuously thermopile generates electric power while the gas valve/temperature knob is turned off. Turn gas supply on at valve and spray leak detector on all fittings. Then, look for any broken or burnt-out heating element. Anyway,the process to test your own thermopile is relatively simple. To fix your hot water heater issue, follow our solution guide in the hot water heater pilot wont light section of the article. The procedure for properly lighting a pilot light will vary based on the water heater you have. Once the pilot light is on, continue pressing down on the pilot switch for a minute to allow the flame to heat up the thermocouple. Due to insufficient fuel supply, the pilot fails to heat the thermocouple. Instead, they use electronic ignition or a spark ignitor to ignite the gas. Once you remove the manifold door, take out the burner assembly from the burner chamber. Check and clean out the debris from the tube using a needle or this type of object. When troubleshooting your hot water heater, check to ensure that the correct voltage is reaching your gas valve. link to How To Organize A Bathroom Closet. After doing all the above, reassemble the heater and relight the pilot. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Pilot lights can take a few tries to get lit. You will need to know how to properly light your electric ignition water heater. Using your manual, enter the thermostat configuration and change the system type setting and re-attempt to call for heat/ return to step 1. After going through our ultimate guide, already you know what are the common Honeywell water heater problems, their reason, and solutions. Position the lighter over the end of the pipe by the burner. Common problems with IP ignition include: Ignition doesn't occur, and the furnace won't go on. A pilot is an essential element of any water heater that connectsthe burner to the gas valve. But you might be struggling to figure out what kind of paint to use on garage walls. Ensure good wiring connections of the heater. If the power still isnt working, try to replace the igniter. Wiring issues> Ensure all the snug electrical connections to the gas control valve.Tripped thermal switch> Clean out the vents.> Reset the tripped switch. 4 Flashes = Temperature Exceeded. Hot water heaters are perhaps one of the most important things in our home. Sometimes, electronic ignition water heaters wont light due to improper voltage or loose wires. In some cases, the electronic control board is the culprit. If it doesnt work, you need to replace the corresponding defective part. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We will tell you all the reasons behind each issue with their simple solutions. Turn off the gas supply valve to your appliance to test whether your valve is capable of shutting down properly. What does blue light on the Honeywell water heater mean? The thermocouple detects the pilot flame. What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Indirect Water Heater. COPYRIGHT 2023. Presence of flammable vapors near the unit. The other leading reason for the low heating problems include: Wrong thermostat setting Sediment build-up in the tank Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a29f4b64efb28ee Your water heaters control knob will not turn off or move to the pilot position if it is stuck in the On position. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Whether your water heater is running or not, in some water heaters, the pilot light is always burning while using a minute amount of gas. The best part is- I will also walk you through 3 simple steps to replace the igniter if its at fault. Wait for 10 minutes. The thermocouple could be damaged and will need to be replaced, or it may just be loose. A condensing water heater uses two heat exchangers. By using this troubleshooting method, you can avoid replacing expensive parts, that may not have been broken. First of all, clean the pilot line and make sure no dirt or debris is clogging the line. If the electrode is faulty or broken, replace the electrode entirely. Heater No Status Light 3. Over time the mineral builds up on your gas water heaters bottom area. But before moving to the detailing part, let us walk you through a quick table highlighting all the possible reasons with quick solutions:Probable ReasonsPossible SolutionsThe pilot is not lighting> Clean out the pilot tube.> Relight the pilot following proper instructions.No spark at the igniter> Verify the whiter igniter is firmly inserted into the white or orange connector.> Clean the corroded igniter connection with sandpaper. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'fireplacehubs_com-netboard-1','ezslot_24',116,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-fireplacehubs_com-netboard-1-0');A thermal switch is a safety device on a water heater. If you have tried it multiple times and waited for the correct amount of time, and it is still not working, you will need to move on to the next possible issue. Interruption In The Gas Supply 4. Leaks will present by creating bubbles around fittings. That way, you can correct them and return your water heater to proper functionality. There are several factors for continuously tripping the thermal switch. If your water heater does not have a digital readout or an automatic reset thermostat, you can test it by turning the knob to the off position and waiting 10 minutes. Anyway, note down some possible reasons behind the interruption in the fuel supply: Follow the below few phases to fix the gas supply issue: As for the first step, check to see if there is air in the gas line. 2 - Replace Pilot Assembly Insufficient power to the gas control valve/thermostat. link to How To Organize A Bathroom Closet. A spark is present, but the pilot won't light. To do this, turn the water temperature dial to Low and the On/Off/Pilot knob to Pilot. If the igniter is getting voltage, but it doesn't glow, this indicates that the igniter is defective and should be replaced. If this is defective and does not work properly, it can cause the ignition process to stall at certain junctures within the said process, preventing the water heater from turning on. The blinking light on a different number of times indicates that theres something up with your water heater and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If it is an intermittent pilot igniter, then you will have to make sure the pilot is lit, before turning it on. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. After cleaning, reassemble the pilot assembly. > Faulty thermostat knob, or gas control valve. If it is, simply replace the igniter/flame rod assembly. What if the Honeywell water heater light not blinking? The water heater is a AO Smith HCV 40 300. Now, light the pilot using the instructions and check the status light. > Replace lousy thermostat, & faulty gas control valve turned off the thermostat/control valve. Bathroom closets are often catch-alls for anything and everything remotely related to self-care. However, the most standard procedure for lighting a gas water heater pilot light is as follows: Again, this process may vary slightly based on the make and model of your water heater. To do so, set the control knob to the Off position and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure you have a set of screwdrivers, a socket set, and a multimeter. Eric Alvarez is an HVAC guy based in El Paso, Texas, United States. 1 Additionally, these devices are fueled with flammable natural gas. Why does my Honeywell water heater keep shutting off? Depending on the water heater you have, it may use an igniter to ignite the gas. Step #2: Disconnect thewiring connector of the thermopile from the gas control. Many homeowners have an electronic ignition water heater because of their cheap and easy operation. Flashing the status light on your newly installed heater may require 2-3 lighting attempts. Troubleshooting Common Problems Water heater not heating 10 possible causes and potential solutions Learn More Featured Video 02:24 Water heater leaking 2 possible causes and potential solutions Learn More Featured Video 01:22 Water heater not lighting 5 possible causes and potential solutions Learn More Featured Video 01:21 Water heater too hot How do I reset my Honeywell water heater? When the igniter goes bad or becomes faulty for some reason, the honeywell water heater pilot stops lighting all of a sudden. If the igniter fails, the burner will not light. How do I reset my Honeywell water heater? The Honeywell water heater troubleshooting guide has the solutions to all its major problems such as the heater keeps shutting off, the pilot wont light, no status light, and the heater making noise. Then go for the other solutions below: Due to the Honeywell water heaters flammable vapor sensor lockout, your heater stops heating water. After that, switch to hot for 10 seconds and to pilot for 10 seconds. There are several reasons behind the no blink on the Honeywell Status light. Burner Will Not Ignite 8. If there is no spark, be sure it is not getting the voltage.

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